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Welcome Cure: Obliterating Health Ailments and providing Health Amenities at Patients’ Doorstep


Anmol was born healthy and normal, but soon, Seema, his mother, knew something was a miss when Anmol like other children did not reach his developmental milestones on time. He hadn’t begun speaking and in fact, he wouldn’t show any reaction at all. Never once did the word “Autism” crossed Seema’s mind as a possibility for Anmol. After paying several visits to child psychologists, Anmol started showing emotional improvements, but progress was evidently slow. Few months later, a friend of Seema’s told her to try homeopathic consultation and soon, Anmol was treated with Homeopathy. After a brief period of homeopathy treatment combined with behavioural, speech and occupational therapy, Anmol began understanding conversations and speaking meaningful sentences, and today, he lives his life like an independently functioning child with not many limitations. Such can be the power of Homeopathy and Mind Technologies, headquartered in Mumbai, has launched Welcome Cure- a one- stop homeopathic treatment solution to make quality, result-oriented homeopathic treatment available to each and every person in the world, irrespective of their geographical and linguistic barriers. Welcome Cure is the brain child of Dr Jawahar Shah, CEO, who is a dedicated homeopathic practitioner, technocrat and an academician with over 36 years of experience.
With busy competitive lives, people have got extremely fidgety when it comes to addressing vital health concerns. “They do not even have time to visit a nearby doctor”, says Dr Shah. Sensing the need of the hour, Welcome Cure adds great value to such individuals allowing them to browse the profiles of great doctors by simply going online and also undergo treatment under the chosen doctor. Explaining further Dr Shah says, “We also have the facility to safely and securely store health records and reports of our patients in case one loses their paper records. We are always there at their rescue”. The disparity in healthcare treatments across geographies tends to leave patient helpless with severe healthcare complications. However, with Welcome Cure, a patient can get consultation and treatment from a truly expert homeopath easily at the doorstep.
Welcome Cure today has become one of the world’s largest homeopathic treatment health portals by not just bringing together over hundred of the world’s most reputed, experienced and celebrated practicing homeopaths under one roof but also collating their experience and skills to treat over 100 disease conditions, both common and uncommon in nature. “The patients can now from the comfort of their home or office get treatment from world renowned homeopaths. Thus quality healthcare is now no more a geographical barrier. Patients communicate with us via Live Chat on our portal or through Telephone, Emails and Skype”, explains Dr. Shah.
Driven by pure confidence of bringing the power of Homeopathy to the masses, Welcome Cure has been instrumental in creating a healthy, positive and dynamic environment which can contribute to the growth / health of mankind. After being acknowledged as the world’s largest homeopathic health treatment portal, the company is keen to introduce alternative forms of natural and holistic medicine and treatment avenues in to Welcome Cure portal. “Ayurveda and Yoga will be our first choices as the same can be easily taken to households via the online route just like homeopathy”, says Dr. Jawahar. Furthermore, the company is all set to make a difference in the healthcare sector by opening more than 500 Welcome Cure clinics/facilitation centres in the coming years.